Entec’s Support for Boys & Girls Club of Metro Richmond

At Entec Systems, we take pride in supporting clients across diverse industries, but there’s a special sense of fulfillment in assisting non-profit organizations in fulfilling their missions. Boys & Girls Club of Metro Richmond (BGCMR) stands as a testament to our commitment to empowering non-profits with robust IT solutions.

About the Customer
Boys & Girls Club of Metro Richmond (BGCMR) is a non-profit organization serving the youth community in the Richmond area. Since 2017, BGCMR has been partnering with Entec Systems to streamline their IT infrastructure and enhance operational efficiency.

Engagement with Entec
BGCMR approached Entec Systems with a need for managed care services and improvements to their wireless network infrastructure. They sought solutions to ensure reliable connectivity and secure data management across their system.

The Challenge
During the discovery phase, Entec Systems identified several additional opportunities to enhance BGCMR’s IT environment. These included security hardening measures, cloud server migration, network upgrades, and the establishment of new sites.

The Solution
After thorough evaluation and consultation, BGCMR opted for Entec’s Complete Care package, which encompassed a comprehensive range of services to address their IT needs effectively. The selected services included:

  • Remote Monitoring and Management tool
  • Spam filter
  • Antivirus software
  • Vulnerability scanning tool
  • Phishing training for staff
  • Cloud storage solutions

The Entec Team
The project was spearheaded by seasoned Entec engineers including Jason Bogard, who collaborated closely with IT Director, Rachel Varney, to ensure alignment with organizational goals and objectives.

Implementation Process
Entec Systems undertook multiple projects over the years to meet BGCMR’s evolving requirements. We executed the deployment of new sites and facilitated the seamless migration of BGCMR’s infrastructure to the cloud. Through meticulous planning and execution, Entec ensured minimal disruption to BGCMR’s operations during the implementation phase.

Measurable Results
As a result of Entec’s ongoing support and collaboration, BGCMR has experienced significant improvements in IT efficiency and reliability. Entec continues to provide proactive user and network support to BGCMR, addressing any issues promptly and efficiently. The partnership between Entec Systems and BGCMR remains strong, with Entec delivering tailored solutions and projects to support BGCMR’s mission of serving the youth community effectively.

This case study showcases Entec Systems’ commitment to delivering tailored IT solutions and fostering long-term partnerships with organizations like Boys & Girls Club of Metro Richmond to drive operational excellence and support their mission-critical initiatives.