Financial IT Services

For most consumers, problems with technology at their bank generally mean there’s an issue with the ATM or the online banking service is down for routine maintenance.  Today’s reality is that most bank customers rarely walk through the door to cash a check or make a deposit.

Banking and financial institutions have to stay on top of technology advances and that means adapting to a culture that handles the majority of their financial business via their smartphone.  Traditional brick and mortar banks are also faced with the issue of being able to compete with apps like PayPal, Apple Pay and Simple.  Those systems may have their challenges, but if they are indeed the wave of the future, those challenges are likely to be ironed out and financial organizations will face increasing market pressure.

In addition, consumers need to have the assurance that their information is secure.  In recent months, more than one retailer has had to confess that customer credit card information was compromised.  Financial institutions need to be able to maintain customer trust and loyalty.

Banking and financial institutions need to be prepared to deal with IT challenges such as:

  • Growing regulations and complex security requirements.
  • Apps that take the place of traditional banking.
  • Younger customers that are moving to the Internet or smartphones to take care of their banking needs.
  • Reliable systems that greatly reduce or eliminate downtime, which creates customer frustration with the inability to access their accounts.
  • Ability to backup systems in the event of security breaches or potential data loss.
  • Online banking services must be accessible and reliable from connected devices.
  • Customers needing to know that their information is secure and that they can access their accounts.

Banking and Financial institutions need their IT and communication systems to function properly and efficiently to gain and maintain the trust of their customers. Entec Systems has provided IT services to the banking industry in the Richmond region since we began in 2002.  We understand the unique challenges and concerns of this industry.

Entec has worked with the banking and financial institutions to provide IT support and expertise in the following ways:

  • Creating backup solutions with off-site, encrypted cloud components.
  • Encrypting sensitive information to be stored off site.
  • Engineering systems that help to meet the regulatory requirements of banking.
  • Designing, servicing and repairing IT and communication systems.
  • Ensuring that systems are fully operational during market hours.
  • Establishing  helpdesks, networks and storage for community banks.
  • Updating and refreshing an aging infrastructure.
  • Prioritizing voice on the LAN to bring better call quality and reliability on the phone system.
  • Installing of new firewalls for better security performance and redesigning access lists and open ports.
  • Installing firmware upgrades to key storage and virtualization hardware.
  • Updating and re-engineering the network to the latest code, taking advantage of equipment updates.

Entec has partnered with banks in the central Virginia area to address their IT and communication needs. We have worked with new and established business to deliver the IT support needed to function efficiently. And we take pride in providing the technology expertise to keep the banking and financial industry in good working order.

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