VoIP Cloud-Based Phone Systems for Business

Your business communications are vital to your company’s success. Because of this, it’s imperative that your organization have a business phone system solution that’s built to scale and evolve as needed.

Why Upgrade Your Business Phone System?

Expensive Carriers & High Start-up Costs

  • Traditional Cloud-Based Phone Systems require your company to purchase phones, the switch and server, as well as the license.
  • With Cloud-based VoIP Cloud-Based Phone Systems for business, there are no expensive hardware requirements. Your company selects only the features you need and then pays a monthly subscription fee to the service provider.

Purchased Equipment Becomes Outdated Equipment Too Quickly

  • Part of the high cost of setting up traditional Cloud-Based Phone Systems comes from buying the equipment. And once you own it that also means you have to maintain and replace it.
  • The service provider is responsible for equipment and technology with Cloud-based VoIP Cloud-Based Phone Systems. When something needs to be replaced or upgraded, your company is not researching and buying new equipment.

Difficult to Expand or Add New Features

  • Traditional business Cloud-Based Phone Systems have limitations. When the time comes for additional handsets or an upgrade to new features, you will need to purchase and expand the existing system or move to a larger system.
  • Choosing a Cloud-based VoIP phone system for your business means it is easy to add handsets as your company grows. The phone system also adapts to your changing needs and additional features are easily added.

Cloud-based VoIP Cloud-Based Phone Systems

The right unified communication solution will help your business to increase productivity and collaboration among users across an array of mediums through capabilities including:

  • VoIP In The Cloud
  • Call Center Systems
  • Enterprise Mobility (setting up mobile devices to mimic business phones with extensions and voicemail access)

We routinely recommend Cloud-based VoIP systems which offer organizations of all sizes integrated voice, video, data and mobile communications on an open, distributed IP architecture that helps significantly reduce the complexity and costs typically associated with other solutions. We can talk with you about your needs and the capabilities of this system.

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