Transportation IT Services

The transportation industry faces constant challenges dealing with equipment needs, competition, and the challenges of vehicle maintenance and travel routes. When every dollar is important, investing in technology, rather than hard assets like vehicles and equipment, may seem hard to justify.  But the reality is that information systems can ensure the long-term health and growth of transportation companies.


Transportation IT ServicesFor example, better coordination of shipping networks and inventory can have a tremendous impact on both customer service and the bottom line.  The ability to track shipments is essential and is expected by customers.  That means that transportation companies need a dependable interconnected tracking system that allows them, as well as their customers, to check on the real-time status of a shipment.  But once that system is installed and operational there are still challenges faced by the transportation industry which include:

  • System outages that could potentially lose track of a shipment and delay delivery of essential items or information.
  • Loss of communication with shipping points along the way.
  • Loss of communication with drivers or other staff in transit.
  • Data outages that lose critical inventory data.

As the world and transportation needs continue to grow, new technology for on-road communication will drastically change the transportation industry. Entec Systems, Richmond, Virginia’s IT specialists, can help transportation companies like yours tackle these challenges.

Entec has provided IT services to transportation companies, including:

  • Installing systems that help with coordination of vehicle fleets and inventory.
  • Installing onsite web-filtering measures to ensure employee productivity during non-normal business hours. Entec has been able to work with companies to block certain Internet sites and programs that contribute to employee distraction and under performance.
  • Establishing a protocol for managers to override the web filtering in cases where access to certain sites is warranted.
  • Enabling security measures to prevent system infection from viruses contracted from questionable sites.
  • Recommending technology solutions for networking, telephones, or wireless access.
  • Assisting with building IT systems from the ground up or consulting and recommending best practices for system upgrades.
  • Reviewing existing security systems and recommending necessary updates or replacement to avoid such things as infection, network outages and data loss.
  • Establishing disaster recovery plans.

Entec has provided IT services to Richmond, VA-based freight and transportation companies since we began in 2002. We partner with transport companies to provide the IT support and infrastructure to manage complex technology issues. And our end goal is the same as our client’s; to ensure that the product, or the personnel, arrive on time.

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