Construction IT Services

Construction firms know they are more than bricks and mortar or heavy machinery. Many construction projects involve hundreds, if not thousands, of people who work everywhere from the conceptual stage through the completed project.  Those steps are aided by technology that helps in both the design and management of the project.


Construction IT ServicesBefore the advent of the Internet in the mid-1990s, construction was indeed an isolated industry where each project survived or failed largely on its own.  But today’s connectivity allows the sharing of information and project ideas on a global basis. The construction industry can use technology for:

  • CAD that automates the process of drawings that were once done painstakingly by hand. This allows a streamlining of the process when design specs need to be altered or information shared with another person not on site.
  • The use of smartphones and tablets enable project managers to make important calculations allowing for the tracking of punch lists, safety checks and even tracking employee time.
  • Wireless connectivity options such as cellular, and the broad availability of Wifi, allow for communications from almost anywhere. Productivity is increased because connectivity reduces the time spent waiting for a management decision and information sharing across teams.

Entec has worked with Virginia construction firms to address many challenges and helped new and established construction outfits install or update their IT systems.  Whether the need is to set up a system from the beginning, or to update and provide solutions to eliminate security breaches and loss of data, Entec can address the technology and communication needs in the construction industry.

Entec has worked with construction-industry companies and has been able to provide the following IT services:

  • Recommend technology solutions for networking, telephones, or wireless access.
  • Assess company needs and make practical recommendations for building a new system from the ground up.
  • Review existing system and provide advice about the best path to update, or refresh, the system either through a complete overhaul or step-by-step refresh.
  • Examine security systems and recommend updates or solutions to avoid the pitfalls that result in network outages.
  • Provide backup solutions for the unavoidable and inconvenient outages that inevitably occur. Entec can establish backup systems that will provide for both the security of sensitive information as well as the ability to continue to access that information.
  • Establish disaster recovery plans for the loss of data and connectivity.
  • Provide ongoing IT support; either full support or serve as a back up to existing, on-site IT personnel.

Since we began in 2002, Entec has provided IT services to builders and construction management firms in Richmond and throughout VA. We can be brought in to support your IT personnel or on a project basis. Construction work is challenging and requires great attention to detail.  Entec is available to take the worry out of dealing with crucial IT issues and to ensure that technology and communications remain up and running in top condition.

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