Legal IT Services

Just as in other professions, the practice of law has been impacted by the rapidly changing and developing world of technology.  Advances have not only changed the way the legal profession conducts business, but in many cases, technology has changed the way crimes are carried out.  Not only have those changes affected the types of cases lawyers are faced with, but the manner in which those cases are litigated has also changed.

Information Technology is more frequently used in the preparation of cases. No longer do law clerks or paralegals spend countless hours or even days searching for legal documents, government statutes, and case studies.  These are often now available in digital formats, and the process is simplified by a text search of the online law library.  This allows legal professionals to quickly gather data and frees up precious time for tasks like analyzing said data and preparation for court.  Clerks and paralegals can also electronically submit legal documents required to process cases.

Legal entities can face the following challenges when dealing with technology:

  • The need to use data analytics software to detect financial discrepancies.
  • The ability to effectively research online databases of legal documents and statutes electronically to avoid countless hours reviewing law books and files.
  • Offering services online.
  • Representing companies who have had their marketing and sales data compromised by unethical business people who may be involved in money laundering schemes or other fraudulent activity.
  • Producing documents such as wills and deeds and the ability to do that electronically rather than manually editing each page.
  • The intricacies of the law require a high level of analysis and filling in blank documents may not be appropriate or advisable in all case. This creates a tension between clients who want to save time and money and attorneys who are concerned about the right application of the law.

Entec has worked with attorneys and law firms in the Richmond, VA region since we began in 2002.  We understand that law firms need IT services that are accurate, reliable and efficient. Whether it’s the filing of case information, submitting documents to the court, or researching case law and precedents, keeping IT and communication systems up-to-date is crucial.

Entec has provided IT support to law firms in the following ways:

  • Storage of sensitive case data.
  • Accounting for billable hours and court costs.
  • Replacing aging file servers.
  • Digitizing paperwork, thus saving space and other resources.
  • A WAN MPLS transition from one carrier to another. When the existing carrier was unable to respond promptly to changes and updates, Entec was brought in to implement and seamlessly transition connectivity; then continued to manage and maintain the system.
  • Consolidate Cloud-Based Phone Systems (or transition to a new system) while maintaining the company’s main phone numbers, and with little downtime.

Law is a complex business. Entec has partnered with Richmond law firms to provide IT support and take the complexity out of the information technology component of practicing law.

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