Medical IT Services

The medical industry has seen advancements in technology as a means to help with patient diagnosis and treatment.  Patients benefit with more rapid results and more accurate assessments of what treatment lies ahead.  Technology advances, from ankle braces to MRI machines and from prosthetic limbs to artificial organs, have changed the face of the medical industry and have saved or enhanced countless lives. Here are some of the ways technology enhances the medical profession.

  • Medical IT ServicesTechnology can often be the vital link to a patient’s recovery or even survival.
  • Technology also assists with the filing and, when necessary, sharing of patient health information.
  • Medical practitioners make use of electronic medical records (EMR) and smartphones or tablets to collect, review, and share critical information.
  • Health professionals in rural areas, where there are fewer doctors, can make use of video communication, by PC or telephone, to consult with doctors at alternate locations.
  • In addition to record keeping, information such as drug dosages and interactions, various studies and research, patient history, and records can be stored electronically and accessed almost immediately.
  • Practitioners have to be aware of the requirements of HIPAA and the need to keep information secure.
  • When looking at upgrades or installations of new IT systems, medical providers need to take care in choosing technologies that are HIPPA compliant.

Working with complex data systems and programs is what Entec Systems does best.  By understanding the needs and the challenges faced by the medical industry, Entec is able provide the IT support needed for a new or existing medical office to function efficiently.  Technology challenges may seem daunting to medical professionals whose first concern is the patient.  That’s why Entec can establish, upgrade or maintain technology and network systems needed for the business to function without downtime.

Richmond-based Entec has provided IT services to companies in the medical industry including:

  • Recommending and building new systems from the ground up to keep medical offices and practices working in a manner that is both practical and economical.
  • Updating or refreshing of existing systems without compromising sensitive patient data.
  • Developing protocols to eliminate or greatly reduce network outages and loss of sensitive data.
  • Establishing backup systems for when the inevitable system outage occur. Entec provides the means to keep data secure and give providers continued access to crucial information.
  • Developing Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery Plans for the continued operations of the IT systems.
  • Recognizing the challenges, Entec can provide premium-level IT support on an ongoing basis or can serve as a back up to onsite personnel.

The primary focus of medical professionals should be the health and care for patients.  Entec has worked with individual physicians’ offices, large practices and medical companies in the Richmond, VA area since we began in 2002. We are proud to partner with the medical industry to help provide IT services and technology tools that allow healthcare professionals to concentrate on the healing arts.

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