Biotechnology IT Services

The biotechnology industry acquires, tracks, and assesses data that is often sensitive in nature, particularly in regard to those companies who monitor and process personal health information. It is essential that the technology used to process this information remains functioning, accurate and secure.

Biotechnology IT ServicesRequirements under HIPAA add an additional level of security that increases the industry’s challenge of properly maintaining data as it must be handled carefully with regard to the patient’s privacy. System failures or breaches could potentially violate that information.

Because of the sensitive nature of the information being processed, and because it often requires a rapid turnaround of results, particular challenges that biotechnology labs face include:

  • Outages, when the system goes completely down and no information is accessible.
  • Loss of sensitive information when outages or other system failures occur.
  • Security breaches where patient information is compromised.
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of PHI (Patient Health Information).
  • Complying with HIPAA standards.

Entec Systems, Richmond, Virginia’s IT specialists, can handle these challenges. We can provide a new or established business with the IT support needed to function efficiently, as well as provide solutions to eliminate data loss and security breaches. We have experience with all types of technology needs, whether that’s networking, telephones, or wireless access. Whatever the challenge, Entec can help establish and keep running the network and technology systems needed for your biotech business to function without interruption.

Entec has worked with several biotechnology companies and was able to provide the following IT services:

  • Establish backup systems that will secure sensitive information and allow access to that information which keeps the business running and allows the continued reporting and transferring of information.
  • Create a disaster recovery plan to deal with the loss of data and connectivity.
  • Recommend systems and build new systems from the ground up. Entec assesses what a company needs and makes recommendations that are both economical and practical.
  • Update or refresh existing systems. Technology keeps changing. Systems wear out. Entec can take a look at existing systems and recommend a complete refresh (or work through a step-by-step process to keep all IT systems up to date and in top working order).
  • Work with an existing system, or new system, to avoid the pitfalls that result in network outages.
  • Set up security systems to protect sensitive information and security breaches.
  • Provide ongoing, premium-level IT support – either through complete IT support or serving as a backup to onsite IT personnel.

We provided IT services to labs and biotech firms in the Richmond, VA region since we began in 2002 so we have the experience and abilities your company can trust. As a part of the biotechnology industry, your company is concerned about acquiring, assessing and maintaining patient data and sensitive information. There’s no reason to be worried about maintaining your IT system when Entec can be relied upon to to take care of that.

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