Enterprise Level IT Support

IT Services

Entec provides high-quality, Enterprise Level IT Support that keeps maintenance and troubleshooting costs low.

We have a number of hardware and software certifications, and we provide Enterprise Level IT support to your business regardless of size.

We Handle IT Support Services for Clients in Richmond and Throughout VA & NC

Network Health Assessment (Pro-Active IT Budgeting)

The NHA is a head-to-toe examination of a customer’s network infrastructure — looking for deficiencies in hardware, operating system, applications, data backup, technology integration and security. The standards for measuring deficiencies are industry recommendations for “best practices.” The network health assessment describes the nature of the deficiencies, the remedies, and the costs. Our customers can then decide which deficiencies to address and when to address them.

Scheduled Maintenance Agreement (Pro-Active Network Management)

Some of our customers benefit from regular visits to their workplace to conduct routine network maintenance and monitoring. Customers determine the frequency of our visits and can adjust the time up or down as needed. This gives them a predictable budget each month for IT support.

Security Upgrades (Pro-Active Upgrades)

All networks will occasionally require security upgrades to some integral component. These components could include operating system upgrades, application upgrades and even hardware upgrades. These upgrades can be scheduled to minimize downtime and the costs associated with it.

Quick Response (Break/Fix Response)

If a network component fails and your vital computer operations are impaired, you want to know that we will respond promptly, diagnose the problem quickly and get the network back up in a timely fashion. In addition to their assigned engineer, customers have a list of contact numbers for all our engineers in case of an emergency.

Business Strategy and IT Infrastructure Consulting

We make our IT infrastructure recommendations based on the needs of your business strategies and tactics. Because we support a wide range of businesses, we can introduce ideas developed in one industry to serve the needs of other industries.