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The biotechnology industry acquires, tracks, and assesses data that is often sensitive in nature, particularly in regard to those companies who monitor and process personal health information.

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Many construction projects involve hundreds of people who work from the conceptual stage through the completed project. Technology aids in those steps through both the design and management of the project.

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All systems of education are faced with maintaining IT operations as well as compiling and processing student records. Technology support needs within the education system are vital to efficiently running operations.

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Banking and financial institutions have to stay on top of technology advances and that means adapting to a culture that handles the majority of their financial business via their smartphone.

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Whether it’s the filing of case information, submitting documents to the court, or researching case law and precedents, keeping IT and communication systems up-to-date is crucial.

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We provide the resources to help manufacturers function efficiently and eliminate critical data loss and potential cybersecurity breaches.

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We provide the IT support needed for a new or existing medical office to function efficiently. Technology challenges may seem daunting to medical professionals whose first concern is the patient.

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Transportation companies need a dependable interconnected tracking system that allows them, as well as their customers, to check on the real-time status of a shipment.

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Small & Medium Business

Entec Systems has years of experience and a diverse background in IT managed services that would greatly small and medium sized businesses.

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Nonprofit organizations have the same technical and IT operational requirements as any other organization. Secure systems that efficiently manage IT and potentially sensitive donor data are essential.

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Our representative (engineer) is easily accessible and communicates well remotely. I'm sure that these skills have helped us solve problems without having an IT department in-house.

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