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With Entec’s recommendations for our upcoming fiscal year, we should see significant improvements in speed for our offices which will save us a lot of money.

John P, Technology Director A Financial Company

I have noticed that we do not have all the network problems that another company we share an office with has and I think that is because of the quality of service offered by Entec.

Sharon T, Executive Director A Lobbyist

Entec has been working with us and they know our systems extremely well. I always talk to Entec; and never get put through to voice mail. Entec is brilliant, couldn’t ask for a better group.

Doug T, CFO A Manufacturing Company

Our representative (engineer) is easily accessible and communicates well remotely. I’m sure that these skills have helped us solve problems without having an IT department in-house.

Michael I, Media Graphics Administrator A Professional Services/Biz Dev Company

I emailed Entec one Sunday evening and received an immediate response. An appointment was scheduled ASAP because of the issue and the time of the year for the business, a CPA practice.

Gwen C, Owner An Accounting/Financial Company

Entec technicians are great, friendly and very patient with non-tekkies.

Cynthia B, Office ManagerA Healthcare Insurance Company

You guys are hands down the best and most responsive IT team at any business I work with, no kidding, and I work with a great deal of businesses of all kinds. Thanks!! It makes our life easier!!

Monica, Document Management Specialist A Business Services Company

Thank you to your team for your outstanding work. Jordan Ambertson, Chris Huff, Josh Watts and Patrick Street have been valuable partners in moving our organization forward. We appreciate their diligence and expertise. I’d also like to express our thanks for the considerable work to improve the help desk, which by all accounts is now working well. We were fortunate to find Entec and look forward to a long, successful partnership.

Steven C, Managing Director An Insurance Company