Cybersecurity Solutions

Consider that the vast majority of email crisscrossing the web is spam. On top of that, even small organizations receive viruses, worms, and Trojans each day. And though malware may be a smaller threat, it’s no less insidious because it can live on your network for weeks or months before it’s detected. And if that’s not enough — social networking threats are growing every day.

Your in-house anti-virus and anti-spam programs — even if effective — solve only part of the problem. Spam and viruses require remediation and eat up storage and bandwidth. And as each day goes by, the threats become more numerous and sophisticated so the situation could only get worse.

Enhanced Detection and Response

Endpoint antivirus alone is not enough to adequately protect against todays sophisticated threats.
Employing a tool to monitor the behavior of all endpoints enhances protection and leads to quicker remediation.
Coupled with our Security Operations Center (SOC) EDR becomes a Managed Detection and Response platform that
is monotired 24x7x365.

Security Incident and Event Monitoring

Our SIEM tools monitor network traffic for intrusions and aggregates logging sources from cloud, network and endpoint devices giving
visibility into the infrastructure health as a whole. Crucial to environments where security is paramount, our Security Operations Center (SOC) can monitor logs in realtime and quickly alert and capture historical data around security incidents.

Cloud Backup Services

Our backup platforms offers an optimal back-up service through a hybrid approach that provides a full local data backup and then replicates that data offsite.

Data Loss Prevention

As the most used communication tool in business email can also be your greatest data threat. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions allow your organization to monitor and protect your email system from intentional or accidental
leakage of sensitive data.

Email Encryption

Email Encryption services allows both senders and receivers to communicate and send files securely so you can ensure your sensitive data is protected when it is delivered outside of the organization.


NextGen Firewalls allow businesses to securely protect networks and services in a highly reliable manner. In order to respond in a rapidly changing threat environment, enhanced protection on your internet facing edge is critical.

Vulnerability Assessment

Address the critical vulnerabilities of your organization’s IT environment with a Vulnerability Assessment that is ongoing. For our Vulnerability Assessment, we have a scanner tool that is brought onsite. This tool collects information about the network.