Manufacturing IT Services

Manufacturing is, and has always been, the backbone of the American economy.  Whether its automobile manufacturing or punching holes in sheet metal, the American economy was built on, and is dependent upon, this work force.  In the manufacturing industry, there is one constant among all manufacturers – during business hours, the production line cannot go down.  This requirement is reliant on a good technology plan from a IT partner that understands manufacturing needs.  In no other market vertical is downtime more measurable than manufacturing.  That is why manufacturing companies rely heavily on technology partnerships with qualified businesses like Entec Systems.


Manufacturing IT ServicesThe manufacturing industry represents a significant segment of the American economy.  Not only are the goods produced essential to a thriving economy and impactful to things such as infrastructure and national defense, manufacturing represents a significant portion of the labor force and remains a focus for Entec.

IT and communication challenges faced by the manufacturing industry include:

  • Outages that slow down the delivery of information or essential goods.
  • Loss of sensitive industry information when outages or other system failures occur.
  • Security breaches that threaten to compromise industrial secrets.
  • Communication challenges when email or Cloud-Based Phone Systems don’t function properly.
  • Categorizing and tracking inventory.

Entec understands the IT and communications issues faced by the manufacturing industry.  We provide the resources to help manufacturers function efficiently and eliminate critical data loss and potential security breaches.  Regardless of the end product, Entec works with manufacturers throughout Virginia to develop and maintain the network and technology systems essential to keeping the business in top running shape.

Working with several companies in the manufacturing industry, Entec has been able to do the following IT services:

  • Assess company needs and make practical and economical recommendations concerning system upgrades or development of a new system from the ground up.
  • Address technology needs such as networking, telephone or wireless access.
  • Help manufacturers avoid the pitfalls that cause network outages.
  • Develop backup systems for those unexpected and unavoidable outages – these systems allow the business to keep functioning and transfer essential data.
  • Provide disaster recovery plans to minimize the impact of the loss of data and connectivity.
  • Recommend and help install security systems to protect sensitive information and prevent security breaches.
  • Provide ongoing, premium-level IT support – either as a backup to onsite personnel or as complete IT services delivered by us.
  • Implement Microsoft’s Office 365. This has helped manufacturers with operational needs and ensured that there’s no concern about down time.
  • Work on behalf of companies to handle projects such as SQL migration, new accounting and ERP package installations, and VDI deployments.

Since Entec began in 2002, we have provided IT expertise to manufacturers throughout the Richmond, Virginia region. While the essential component of manufacturing has always been to deliver quality products in a timely manner, the days of accounting and record-keeping by pencil and paper are long gone.  Entec is proud to play a key role in providing IT support to keep our manufacturing clients running in top shape. Find out how we can work for you.

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