ZixCorp Email Encryption Provides the Most Reliable & Intuitive Data Security

Entec Systems thoroughly understands the unique challenges that healthcare, finance and government organization face in terms of maintaining data security without slowing down the speed of business. For these customers and others seeking solutions that ensure high data integrity, we routinely recommend Zix email encryption.

ZixCorp, a leader in email encryption software and data protection, has worked hard to innovate the most user-friendly and intuitive platform that’s also built with the highest security standards. Whether you’re a health care facility needing to meet strict HIPAA email encryption regulations or a government agency operating under the constant threat of malicious data breaches, ZixCorp has a SaaS solution for you.

Zix email encryption: innovating simplicity

Gone are the days of complicated, multi-step security protocol when transmitting confidential or classified data. Whether customers opt for ZixCorp’s ZixGateway, a policy-based email appliance that automatically takes care of all the encryption for users, or ZixMail, a point-and-click desktop email encryption service that can integrate with existing email corporate email programs, there is no time-consuming burden placed on the sender or receiver to ensure email security. No additional passwords, logins or validations are needed to send and receive emails. Instead, all Zix email encryption takes place behind the scenes. Users can rest assured that all of their activities are safe and secure.

Built for real-world applications

Zix developers are realistic when it comes to knowing how health care, government and finance professionals operate: on the go. Today’s mobile workforce creates an extra wrinkle for those in industries where data compliance and email encryption services are the rule rather than the exception.

ZixMobility allows for a seamless transition from desktop to mobile email platforms. With the ability to optimize layouts and navigations for different devices and platforms, Zix technology couples this convenience with the same stalwart email encryption found in its desktop email encryption services. Entec Systems continues this theme of simplicity by providing user friendly implementations and support for all Zix email encryption products and services.

Each day, there are more and more dangers challenging your data security. Breaches and data exposure, accidental or malicious, can cost your customers, time, fines – and most importantly, your reputation. Bank on ZixCorp’s reputation as the leader in email encryption to prepare your organization for tomorrow’s data threats.