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Three Ways to Up Your IT Game in 2024

If there is a constant when it comes to IT, it’s that the landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, propelled by technological advancements and emerging trends. Almost a quarter in to 2024, there are three key areas we are seeing that can help companies up their IT game, from harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to embracing innovative authentication solutions.

  1. A.I.’ll Be Back
    This year, AI technologies are maturing, becoming integral to various business applications. Companies like Amazon have made headlines recently for both their enhanced AI feature to improve product recommendations, as well as their pilot of a new chatbot on select platforms to answer customer questions. Both applications have incredible potential to enhance the customer experience, as well as encourage sales growth. What’s also interesting to note is the noticeable trend towards ethical AI, with a preference for transparent and responsibly created AI solutions. This shift underlines the role of AI not just as a technological innovation but as a transformative force in the business world.
  2. “Unlocking a new era – no ‘key’ required”
    In 2024, the digital authentication landscape has already been significantly transformed by the advent of passwordless sign-in methods and federation through third-party services. Driven by the need for enhanced security and user convenience, this shift relies on technologies like FIDO standards and public-key cryptography. Major tech companies, including Apple, Google and Microsoft, are at the forefront, integrating passwordless sign-in capabilities into their platforms. These methods, which utilize biometric authentication or device PINs, offer a more secure alternative to traditional passwords and reduce vulnerability to phishing attacks. However, the transition to passwordless solutions has been gradual due to concerns over integration complexity, testing and the need for adaptability across various user scenarios. Identity orchestration is emerging as a solution, facilitating the integration of passwordless authentication into diverse systems and applications. Microsoft’s Azure AD, for example, demonstrates this trend with its support for passwordless authentication using Windows Hello and FIDO2 keys. This evolution in authentication methods marks a significant step towards a more secure, efficient and user-centric digital experience.
  3. “Key-p It Secret, Key-p It Safe”
    Businesses today are increasingly embracing passkeys, a specific type of passwordless authentication technology (as mentioned above). This type of authentication is especially groundbreaking in sectors like fintech and banking. Passkeys offer a more secure alternative to traditional passwords, reducing susceptibility to cyber-attacks like phishing. They improve the user experience by eliminating the need for complex passwords and are seen as a boon for IT management, easing the burden on help desks. Big tech companies like Google and Amazon are driving the adoption of passkeys, which are critical in combating AI-assisted phishing attacks and enhancing online security. This shift towards passkeys reflects a broader trend of seeking more secure, efficient and user-friendly digital interactions in the business arena.

One thing remains abundantly clear: the realm of Information Technology is perpetually in flux, driven by innovation and fueled by the quest for progress. From the still unfolding capabilities of artificial intelligence to the transformative landscape of digital authentication, the journey ahead is ripe with opportunities to enhance efficiency, bolster security and elevate the user experience. Entec is here to be a trusted guide for companies trying to understand the potential and navigate the decision of where to invest. By embracing these trends and adopting proactive strategies, organizations can fortify their IT infrastructure, staying ahead of the curve in a dynamic and ever-evolving digital landscape.