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The Power of Cloud Computing

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While many companies have gone back to the office, the number of employees still working from home or other remote locations is still higher than ever before. What was a challenge in the beginning of COVID is now commonplace, and organizations are continuing to invest in systems that allow for flexible access to data while also prioritizing security. That’s the power of cloud storage services.

Instead of being tied to the logistical and financial upkeep that physical hardware requires, cloud, or serverless, internet-based computing, is fast on the rise. In fact, according to The Enterprise Storage Forum, the market for serverless computing is “projected to maintain a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 21.71 percent for the forecast period 2021 to 2028 and is expected to reach a value of $36.84 billion by 2028.”

Cloud computing automates activities so that direct active management by the user is not required. It provides flexibility and economies of scale as data can be stored anywhere, anytime, and is available to anyone quickly and easily as long as there is an internet connection. Not only can it reduce IT costs, it can enhance communications, collaboration and become a critical part of an organizations business continuity planning.

Entec Power of Cloud Computing GraphicEntec’s cloud services include data backup and recovery, as well as spam and virus protection so you can feel secure in your working environment. Our four-step process helps us distinguish the best cloud computing strategy for your company. We evaluate your needs, advise recommendations, deploy the best strategy and maintain connections to ensure long-term success for your business. Our solutions prioritize future problem prevention rather than addressing the issue with a ‘quick fix.’

One of our clients, EVR Research, came to us for just such an installation. We received requirements for the client office to have as small a technology footprint as possible along with traditional file server access no matter where staff was working from. This was accomplished by spinning up a cloud Windows file server in Microsoft Azure and installing the required firewall and switching network equipment at the office. What is nice about Microsoft Azure is the ability to tie in a client’s network using a site-to-site VPN and/or VPN Client so staff can access their data resources no matter where they are. Backup services for file level and server image snapshots are also included, which made it an ease for setup. We also got all user workstations enrolled with Azure Active Directory. This was a nice combo to have because users could authenticate to the cloud domain whether they were sitting at the office or working remotely at a home office. The installation was seamless since all tools and resources are at the fingertips of the engineers allowing for an easier design process. At close of the project, the client was very satisfied and remains a wonderful partner with Entec Systems as of today.

If you are interested but unsure about your cloud computing needs, we’re here and ready to help you can join the movement toward serverless data storage.