ShoreTel Sky: The Power of Voice in The Cloud

shoretel sky partnerShoreTel’s Unified Communication (UC) solutions are driving organizational productivity to a whole new level thanks to the development of ShoreTel Sky, the hosted VoIP phone system that integrates seamlessly with all of your key business solutions.

Entec Systems, the leading provider and reseller of ShoreTel Sky, can show you how the cloud based phone system drives efficiencies, streamlines communications and proactively “future proofs” your operations.

ShoreTel Sky Redefines Unified Communication

Imagine enabling your workforce to communicate and conduct business as they see fit – in a way that’s still compliant with policy and best practice, of course. ShoreTel Sky reimagines voice technology from a mere utility or commodity to a strategic resource that helps all your key business solutions work smarter together.

This unified communication strategy boasts total connectivity of everything from your cloud pbx system to the ShoreTel-designed IP 400 series desk phones on your desks and in your call centers, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and CRMs such as Salesforce.

The hosted VoIP acts as the virtual heart of this integration, consistently and cohesively linking all of these essential business applications.

Why Choose ShoreTel and Entec Systems

It’s easy to build a sound business case for moving to a cloud based phone system. Rationale includes enabling the mobilization of your workforce, ensuring constant uptime, and this critical integration of key business solutions that is described above. But why choose ShoreTel Sky and Entec Systems?

If you know ShoreTel, the answer is obvious. ShoreTel’s 14 years of market leadership, 3,000-plus clients, focus on R&D and impressive national coverage network don’t just speak to the company’s credibility, but to its commitment to best-in-class superior customer service and driving innovation forward. More specifically, when vetting potential Hosted VoIP options, you should look for a reliable service delivery model as well as end-to-end control of the user experience. ShoreTel Sky offers all this and more.

Meanwhile, Entec’s vast experience and specialized expertise as a leading provider of ShoreTel products to Richmond, VA businesses uniquely suits these tandem providers to integrate the ShoreTel Sky solution into your existing infrastructure and instantly throttle productivity.

You have options when it comes to choosing a cloud based phone system. There are many manufacturers and providers jockeying for your business. Choosing ShoreTel Sky and Entec shows that you’ve successfully done your research.

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