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We all rely on retrieving information quickly and accurately in order to conduct daily business. Today though, many companies are facing data growth at double-digit rates while budgets for IT, staffing and storage fall behind demand.  That translates to the need for more-efficient storage strategies that existing staff can manage effectively. It’s important to move information dynamically according to business activity, and to make the process fully automated and self-managing.The EMC® VNXeTMfamily is a simple, efficient solution that’s priced right for users in the small business to small enterprise category. These unified storage systems provide consolidation capability with seamless management and a unique application-driven approach that eliminates the boundaries between applications and their storage.

An expandable platform

The VNXe platform offers storage ranging from six to up to 120 disk drives and 240 terabytes of capacity for growing organizations with increasingly complex storage requirements.  The VNXe3100TM can be used by companies with physical server infrastructures and also those who have moved to server virtualization.  In addition to those benefits, the VNXe3300TM offers increased performance, scalability and I/O expandability.  Together, they offer exceptional capacity utilization, data protection and, availability solutions with advanced support capabilities.

Simplicity and efficiency

The VNXe series gives you consolidated storage to better manage resources and protect data, as well as improve IT resource utilization with server virtualization. Both models offer unified IP storage for NAS and iSCSI while simplifying operations and reducing overhead. Users will quickly be comfortable with the application-centric management and provisioning wizards.

Both models give you a lot of capability in a small package, and fit in only 2U or 3U of rack space. They take the complexity out of storage management by organizing raw data capacity into pools of high-performance 15,000 rpm SAS drives and high-capacity 7,200 near-line SAS drives. And you can add to their efficiency with file-level deduplication and compression to reduce physical capacity needs by 50 percent or more.

Management simplicity

VNXe systems make management simple by giving you one clear way to handle any task, from the initial installation to creating storage for virtual servers. You can shift from managing file shares to creating application storage easily, saving you time and steps. You can provision storage for 500 mailboxes or 100 gigabytes of virtual server storage in less than 10 minutes.

Flexible and available

The VNXe hardware platforms take advantage of the latest processor technology from Intel, and include features to meet growth and change. They come with one-Gb/s Ethernet connections for NAS and iSCSI, plus Flex I/O slots that provide one-Gb/s ports to expand connectivity and performance. The VNXe3300 also supports the option of 10-Gb/s connectivity. Six-Gb/s serial attached SCSI (SAS) drives and enclosures deliver the industry’s highest transfer rates along with simple capacity expansion, enterprise performance, and end-to-end data integrity features.

You also get the flexibility to buy only what you need today. You can start with the VNXe3100 as a single controller system, and then upgrade to a dual controller system as demands arise. Your data is protected by mirrored cache and dual active controllers to eliminate single points of failure. If you have an outage, data in the VNXe write cache is safely stored in Flashmemory, eliminating time-limited backup and external power supplies.

Effective software selections

Both platforms come with base software solutions, including EMC UnisphereTM for application-aware management, file deduplication with compression for increased efficiency, thin provisioning for adding storage on demand, and CIFS and iSCSI.

EMC has also packaged unique and powerful add-on storage software into suites to fill needs from disaster recovery to application backup and restoration. This simplifies storage services while dynamically moving, securing and protecting production data for unified block and file storage — all managed through and integrated with EMC Unisphere.

Support at your fingertips

Comprehensive online documentation, help, training and even how-to videos are available. You can easily download software updates and even get information on a variety of topics.

Learn more today

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