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IT Solutions for Legal Professionals

Advances in technology and the digitization of case law has created a whole new world of opportunity for the legal profession as they work to more efficiently and effectively deliver services in support of their clients.

No longer do law clerks or paralegals spend countless hours or even days searching for legal documents, government statutes, and case studies. These are often now available in digital formats, and the process is simplified by a text search of the online law library. This allows legal professionals to quickly gather data and frees up precious time for tasks like analyzing said data in preparation for court. Clerks and paralegals can also electronically submit legal documents required to process cases.

While this is all good news for the legal field, it comes with an even greater need for reliable, secure and accessible technology platforms. Whether it’s the filing of case information, submitting documents to the court, or researching case law and precedents, keeping IT and communication systems up-to-date is crucial. Entec has been partnering with attorneys and law firms since 2002 providing support like:

  • Storage and security of sensitive case data.
  • Support for time, billing, and firm management systems.
  • Replacing aging server and or cloud migration.
  • Digitizing paperwork, thus saving space and other resources.
  • Consolidating or transitioning Cloud-Based Phone Systems while maintaining company phone numbers and experiencing little downtime.

“I’ve found with our legal clients, it’s becoming increasingly important to not just have data stored securely, but that information be accessible by a team across varied locations.

I worked with a client recently to migrate their data to the cloud, as well as integrate other communications and email systems so they have everything they need at their fingertips. Knowing their systems are backed up and secure, and that Entec is behind the scenes at a vigilant IT watchdog, means they can focus on their clients and doing what they do best.”

– Scott Greenway, Entec IT Support Director

Kaplan Voekler Cunningham & Frank PLC is a law firm in Richmond that has experienced firsthand what Entec can bring to the table, both as a technology provider and a business partner. Here more from Thomas Voekler:


If you’re looking at how to simplify your systems and take the complexity out of the information technology component of practicing law, Entec can help. Call us today at 800-716-2544.