IT Outsourcing Solutions

Entec can be your IT department or can help support your IT department. We take a proactive approach to keeping your equipment running to prevent costly repairs and downtime.

We begin with a Network Health Assessment, provide any upgrades or maintenance necessary, then continue with regular visits for routine network maintenance and monitoring. You are left with a more reliable IT with less downtime, fewer interruptions and a more productive team.

Flex Care

Entec provides high-quality, Enterprise Level IT Support to your business regardless of size. Flex Care allows our customers to take advantage of customized IT Support Services with no monthly commitment. This keeps maintenance and troubleshooting costs low.

Our engineers have a number of hardware and software certifications, allowing for the most effective technical support. Our Flex Care customers also benefit from quick response times, keeping their servers online and business as usual.

Essential Care

Some of our customers benefit from regular visits to their workplace to conduct routine network maintenance and monitoring. Entec, along with our customers, determines the frequency of our visits and can adjust the time up or down as needed. This allows our customers to better budget their IT support needs in a predictable way on a monthly basis.

Our Essential Care plan includes:

  • Implementing end-user computer standards
  • Defining and applying industry proven server standards
  • Secure email server services
  • Management of routers, switches, and firewalls
  • Site documentation

Entec Complete Care

At Entec Systems, we’re committed to servicing and protecting our clients’ IT networks so that you can focus on mission-critical issues. The most popular form of this kind of support is our Complete Care package. It can be tailored to your company’s needs and includes services like these:

  • Proactive scheduled maintenance and service. Weekly visits are scheduled to handle service requests and perform preventive maintenance. We look for small errors and warning signs that can lead to bigger problems.
  • Business data protection and security plan. In addition to firewall and antivirus protection, you’ll be confident that your backup operations are effective and reliable.
  • Technical support and technical liaison. This gives smaller organizations the benefits of a full-scale IT department. You’ll have on-call support during business hours and unlimited help desk access.
  • Service level and warranty. We’ll warrant response times and scope of work so that you’ll never receive multiple invoices for a single problem. And we guarantee the quality of our work.
  • Anti-spam services. This can significantly reduce the amount of spam your organization receives.
  • 24/7 help desk. When your people are having issues, they have someone to call.
  • Benefits and added services. Depending upon how the rest of your service is tailored, you can also count on a guaranteed rate schedule, internet domain name management plus guaranteed email services, antivirus services and access to our industry professionals.

With Complete Care, you’ll not only eliminate many problems, you’ll also have the assurance that new ones will be taken care of quickly and affordably. Just talk with your Entec experts for additional information.