InterGuard Awareness Technology

Protecting your data from outside attack has been the traditional focus of security products and services.  Now, Awareness Technologies has developed InterGuard as an advanced endpoint solution that protects your company from insider threats.

This next generation of security is designed to provide a complete, internal Unified Threat Manager (UTM).  It’s not only delivered in SaaS format, it also is deployed at the endpoint so it delivers unparalleled visibility and control — on and off the network — against internal threats like loss of sensitive data, employee productivity and laptop theft or loss.

Since it solves the problem of web filtering directly at the endpoint, InterGuard eliminates the need for hardware, eliminates latency, and extends protection beyond the corporate network.  And it gives you visibility beyond a simple list of URLs to give you a true understanding of whether your employees are acting in a safe and productive manner.  This gives companies three big advantages …

It works both on and off the corporate network.

No matter where the computer goes — on the network or off, traveling in the field or at a remote office – you’ll still have full functionality.  And since the policies are stored locally on the machine, there is no latency.  All blocking decisions are made instantly without needing to make a call to a remote server, and you can see all of the computers in your organization from a single web-based portal.

It delivers unparalleled visibility.

InterGuard not only gives you a list of the URLs that your employees are visiting, it provided total visibility into what your employees are doing online.  InterGuard captures all web searches, and takes screen shots of the websites employees visit.

It’s the only SaaS-capable solution of its kind.

InterGuard is simple to use, and requires no hardware.  That makes it easy to test, as well.  As an agent-based technology, it can be deployed in a SaaS environment in minutes, no matter how many computers you have in your organization or how the organization is laid out — even internationally.

A unique suite of four modules.

Data Loss Prevention.  Stop sensitive data from leaking via email, webmail or USB.  Quickly identify and address data security vulnerabilities, gaps in acceptable use policies and inappropriately stored data.  And now you can even monitor text messages and emails sent from Smartphones.

Web Filtering.  This is the first web filtering application that provides full functionality no matter where the computer goes — without a hardware requirement.

Employee Monitoring.  You can record or block all computer activity, identify top performers, correct under-performance, eliminate potential liability issues, and conduct forensic investigations as well as monitor text messages and emails sent from Smartphones.

Laptop Recovery.  It allows you to locate lost or stolen laptops and either delete or retrieve critical data.

Let us show you what this technology can mean.

The experts at Entec can show you how comprehensive and easy-to-use this next-generation technology is … and what it can do to keep your data secure.  Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to bring a no-obligation demonstration right to your premises for you to view, trial and evaluate.