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How To Recover Deleted Items in OneDrive (Video)

First you need to open OneDrive on the web by going to portal.office.com and signing in with your Office 365 credentials.

Once you are signed in, find the OneDrive Icon and click on it.
There are a couple of ways it may have been deleted.
  1. If you are using the OneDrive app to sync files to your PC or Mac, if you deleted the file locally, that deletion would have synced to the cloud.
  2. You could have also deleted the file by selecting the file and clicking delete.
To recover the file:
  • Select Recycle Bin
  • Select the file
  • Click on restore.
Depending on the size of the file and how many files you restore at once, this may take a few seconds.
When we return to Files, you should see that the file has been restored.