Khalil Roman Headshot

Get to Know Khalil Roman, Technical Support Engineer

Khalil Roman Headshot

At Entec, we appreciate the opportunity to work with our clients and solve any problem they bring to us. This mentality is woven throughout our organization. Khalil Roman, one of our IT Support Team members shares a little bit about how Entec has been a great place for him to expand his industry experience and embrace every challenge.

Q: Please tell us your name, role, and how you landed your role at Entec.

A: My name is Khalil Roman, and I am a member of the IT Support team at Entec. I found this role through a job seeking site, and after speaking with Chris on the phone and meeting with he and Anthony, I knew I had found a home at Entec!

Q: What do you really enjoy about your role, and what challenges you?

A: I love everything about my role at Entec. One of the best aspects is the flexibility to work from home when needed. Every day, I get to challenge myself with different issues, and I find great satisfaction in expanding my knowledge on various topics as I tackle those challenges.

Q: Why is a partner like Entec so important to companies? What does Entec do that really helps support their clients, and how are you a part of that?

A: Entec plays a crucial role for companies by putting the customer first. At Entec, we are assigned specific clients, allowing us to give them undivided attention and master their IT environment. Unlike many other companies that have their support team reach out to all clients, our personalized approach helps build strong relationships with customers.

Q: What led you to choose a career in Technology?

A: My interest in technology was sparked when I visited my mother’s workplace during “take your child to work day.” Seeing the IT department members working efficiently and still finding time to connect with each other through personal pastimes outside of work, made me think it might be a good fit for me.

Q: What is something most companies don’t consider when deciding whether to hire a technology company to support them? What do they need to keep in mind?

A: Often, companies overlook the importance of robust security measures when hiring a technology company. A reliable IT company, such as Entec, can assist with various security aspects, including phone management services, training against spoof emails, and ensuring smooth operations to minimize downtime.

Q: When not at work, how do you like to spend your time?

A: During my free time, I love to ride my 4-wheeler and enjoy gaming with my college buddies. Additionally, since my newborn arrived last June, I have been cherishing the moments by spending quality time with him.