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Empowering Businesses with IT Services

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Problem-solver and client-focused, are two traits used to describe Hunter Moore, Senior Systems Engineer at IT Services expert Entec Systems. With a strong history within the technology industry, Hunter brings a penchant for doing what “can’t be done!” He loves a challenge and the ability to go above and beyond for his clients at Entec. Let’s learn a little bit about Hunter’s career path and what ultimately landed him at Entec.

Hunter’s journey into the world of technology and IT services was serendipitous. Graduating during the 2009 recession, he found himself in a job market with limited opportunities for his major in Computer Animation. However, Hunter’s adaptability and aptitude for learning quickly drew him towards technology-related fields. He soon realized that technology was his calling. He spent eight successful years as a Senior Systems Analyst in the software industry. A former employee’s referral opened the doors to the company, where he seized the opportunity to showcase his skills and enthusiasm during the interview process. He credits this referral and his ability to “charm the pants off management,” as he jokingly shared, secured him a prominent role at Entec as a Senior Systems Engineer.

The Joys and Challenges of the Role

As a Senior Systems Engineer, Hunter thrives on tackling complex IT services-related issues. The joy of finding solutions amid a sea of problems is what drives him forward each day. He firmly believes in exploring every possible avenue before declaring something as undoable, a mindset that has earned him respect from colleagues and clients alike.

However, Hunter admits that the role comes with its own set of challenges. In fact, the phrase “that cannot be done” only fuels his determination to overcome hurdles and find creative ways to meet clients’ needs. It is this tenacity that has made him a reliable and trusted resource for those seeking IT support from Entec.

The Importance of Entec as a Partner

Hunter notes one of the ways Entec sets themselves apart in today’s technology-driven business landscape is their commitment to partnership with their clients and living up to its commitments to clients. Open lines of communication within the team ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction, making the company a reliable ally for businesses seeking IT solutions.

Contributing to Customer Success

While Hunter may not consider himself an expert on all aspects of IT, he undoubtedly excels in the customer service domain. Treating clients as people and maintaining transparent communication are the cornerstones of his approach. He firmly believes that this human touch adds value to their experience and strengthens the bond between Entec and its clients.

Life Beyond the IT World

When not at work, Hunter explores his creative side. A passionate writer, he is currently working on a podcast project that explores the perspective of fandom culture in collaboration with his teenage son. This endeavor allows him to share his love for movies, television, comic books, and more, while creating a unique bonding experience with his son.