Powerful Email Security & Archiving

We’ve all come to depend on email for productivity and can no longer imagine a world without it. But as much as we depend on it, this form of communication puts an enormous burden on computer servers … and poses significant security risks, too. Managing thousands of emails a day can put a big load on internal IT staff that could be doing more productive strategic work. But at the same time, you need to be protected from spam, viruses, worms, phishing scams and other malware threats.

Last month, we wrote extensively about Cloud-based solutions to challenges like these. And now we want to introduce you to a service that makes powerful use of this new technology.

The McAfee SaaS Email Security and Archiving Suite

One great way to protect email and email access, while you also comply with industry archiving requirements, is to consider McAfee’s Cloud-based Suite. It not only blocks security threats, but it also ensures that you can get to emails even if your server is unavailable. Employees stay connected and productive. Here are the specifics for McAfee SaaS Email Security and Archiving…

  • Blocks 99 percent of spam, viruses, worms and malware threats before they reach your network
  • Stores your email offsite to ensure that your people have access during planned and unplanned server outages
  • Archives every email message economically and effectively to meet document retention requirements

And you can do all this with no hardware to buy, no software to install, no backup tapes to mount and no maintenance to perform.

Protection against spam, viruses, worms, email attacks

McAfee’s Suite uses a Stacked Classification Framework® powered by patented technology to analyze and determine if an email is spam. 20 separate layers of filtering all offer unique strengths designed to identify and stop threats, and it’s one of the most accurate and comprehensive filtering processes in the industry. And Perimeter IP filtering provides additional security against image-based spam, web-based threats and phishing emails.

Worms are intercepted by the proprietary WormTraq® technology before they enter your corporate network, and several industry-leading signature-based anti-virus engines keep viruses at bay. You’re also protected against email attacks, directory harvest attacks, email bombs and channel flooding.

The suite also intelligently processes messages and identifies, quarantines and blocks unwanted, malicious and sensitive content and attachments … including phishing scams and other illegitimate emails before they reach your network.

Emails are available and protected, no matter what

If your network becomes unavailable because of natural disaster, power outages or even maintenance, you’ll still be connected to employees, customers, partners and suppliers around the clock.

If your servers are down, you can still access McAfee’s secure, easy-to-use web interface to send and receive messages, search for and retrieve stored messages and manage quarantines and message stores just as you would normally. What’s more, your inbound email is still protected without interruption. And all messages sent or received during the outage are retained and synchronized when your own servers come back online.

This suite gives your business operations and productivity valuable protection by automatically engaging when an outage is detected and by giving you 60 days of rolling storage.

You’ll meet document retention requirements, too

With the McAfee Suite, you’ll also have automated archives of every email that enters or leaves your company. And by storing it all on the Cloud, you’ll reduce the size of your Microsoft Exchange database and won’t have to deal with cumbersome, unreliable tapes and disks.

What’s more, your authorized users have access to powerful search features to quickly find and retrieve emails for review, compliance and e-discovery without tying up IT people.

And McAfee’s support is unparalleled

In addition to automated 24-hour threat monitoring and protection, MacAfee’s experts monitor web traffic trends and give you real-time updates. And if you should ever need support, they can answer your account and billing questions 24 hours a day with a quick toll-free call or online inquiry.

Let us tell you more about this powerful Cloud-based security solution

Your colleagues at Entec have years of experience working with McAfee solutions like these, and we heartily endorse this service. To learn more, simply send us an email by clicking here: news@entecva.com