Auto Service Maintenance

Driving IT Success for Duffy’s Repair Service

At Entec Systems, we are dedicated to being the trusted IT partner for businesses across various industries. In this case study, we explore our long-standing relationship with Duffy’s Repair Service, a Richmond, VA-based automotive service provider specializing in quality tires. Since May 2013, Duffy’s Repair Service has been relying on Entec to address their IT needs and elevate their operational efficiency.

Customer Background:
Duffy’s Repair Service is a prominent automotive service provider based in Richmond, VA. With a focus on delivering expertise in automotive services and quality tires, Duffy’s Repair Service is committed to providing top-notch service to their customers.

Engagement with Entec:
Duffy’s Repair Service became a valued client of Entec Systems in May 2013. Seeking expertise beyond their in-house IT support, they turned to Entec as their local IT managed service provider (MSP) to address general IT support, network and server-related challenges.

Additional Opportunities and Solutions:
During the discovery process, Entec identified that Duffy’s Repair Service’s file server had reached its end-of-life (EOL) and needed replacement to align with their Automotive Line of Business (LOB) software. Entec designed, ordered and installed a new Windows 2019 Server to ensure compatibility. This was a great example of how Entec brings its expertise to the table to help our clients identify problems they didn’t even know they had – and before it impacts their business.

List of Services:
The ultimate list of services decided upon included:

  • Complete Care Services
  • Remote Monitoring and Management on Workstations and Server
  • Webroot Antivirus on Workstations and Server
  • Datto Backup Solution
  • CyberHawk Network Vulnerability Scanning Tool

The Entec Team:
The dedicated team at Entec Systems supporting Duffy’s Repair Service included:

  • Primary Engineer: Josh Watts
  • IT Director: Ben Gregoire
  • Sales: Patrick Street

Implementation and Delivery:
Entec’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service extended to the implementation phase. The team performed onsite monthly maintenance, ensuring that Duffy’s Repair Service’s IT needs were met, questions were answered and the right IT solutions were provided to support their business.

Current Status and Measurable Results:
As of today, the IT contact at Duffy’s Repair Service, Gordon Dodson, continues to express satisfaction with the services provided by Entec. The Complete Care services, including remote monitoring, antivirus protection, backup solutions and network vulnerability scanning, remain robust. Entec continues to deliver ongoing support and project assistance as needed, ensuring that Duffy’s Repair Service can focus on their core business with confidence.