Awareness Technology

Web Filtering

InterGuard® Awareness Technology

By solving the web filtering problem directly at the endpoint, InterGuard removes the need for hardware, eliminates latency, and extends protection beyond the corporate network. In addition InterGuard Web Filtering is designed to extend your visibility beyond a simple list of URLs and give you a true understanding of whether or not your employees are acting in a safe and productive manner.

InterGuard is a complete insider threat prevention platform that is deployed at the endpoint and delivered in SaaS format.

The agent includes 4 modules:

  1. 1 Web Filtering
  2. 2 Employee Monitoring & Productivity
  3. 3 Laptop Recovery
  4. 4 Data Loss Prevention

Beyond Blocking – InterGuard’s 3 Main Advantages

  • It works both on and off of the corporate network. InterGuard”s unique architectural advantage means that no matter where the computer goes – on the network, off the network, traveling in the field, a remote office, anywhere – you’ll still have full functionality. And since the policies are stored locally on the machine, there is no latency. All blocking decisions are made instantly without needing to make a call to a remote server, and you can see all of the computers in your organization from a single web-based portal.
  • It delivers unparalleled visibility. InterGuard doesn’t just give you a list of the URLs that your employees are visiting like other web filtering applications. Instead it provides total visibility into what your employees are doing online. InterGuard captures all web-searches performed, as well as taking screenshots of the websites that they visit. And that’s just the beginning of what InterGuard can do.
  • The only SaaS-capable solution of it’s kind.  InterGuard requires no hardware whatsoever and is unsurpassed in ease of use. That’s why we encourage people to try InterGuard for themselves. Because InterGuard is an agent-based technology, it can be deployed in a SaaS environment – requiring no hardware and leaving nothing to manage. InterGuard sets up in minutes, no matter how many computers you have in your organization – and no matter how your organization is laid out. Whether your entire organization is located in one place or spread out across the globe, InterGuard makes it easy to manage all of your employees from one web-based interface.