Alert Logic Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Alert LogicThis cost-effective IT security solution defends and protects your network against internal and external threats, no matter how fragmented your IT world has become.

Alert Logic provides 24/7 monitoring and expert guidance services from a state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC) staffed by GIAC-certified analysts and security experts. This allows you to meet PCI, HIPAA, and GLBA compliance requirements at a fraction of the cost of staffing your own team of analysts.

  • Alert Logic Threat Manager Alert Logic Threat Manager is comprehensive, on-demand threat management and vulnerability assessment solution that protects the enterprise by automatically identifying malicious behavior and questionable network patterns originating both inside and outside of the network.
  • Alert Logic Log Manager Alert Logic Log Manager is the on-demand log management solution that collects, stores, reports and correlates log data allowing you to meet the regulatory requirements to capture and store log data without having to worry about ongoing storage costs associated with on-premise solutions.
  • ActiveWatch Alert Logic’s ActiveWatch is a 24/7 threat management monitoring service that enhances Threat Manager’s capabilities by providing expert analysis and insight on real-time threat alerts, so you can quickly resolve incidents and get focused back on your business.
  • LogReview Around-the-clock log monitoring has never been easier—Alert Logic’s LogReview is a service enhancement to Log Manager that provides 24/7 event log monitoring and review capabilities to provide customers with expert analysis and insight on a daily basis.

The experts at Entec will be happy to explain all of these benefits and more.