Learn More About Entec Complete Care Support

IT managers have a lot on their plates. If you find yourself continually taken away from mission critical projects to handle the “issue of the day,” we sympathize. And we have what could be a solution, too … outsource a significant portion of your current workload. One of the best ways to do that is to engage Entec Systems to handle routine maintenance and protection services with our tailored Complete Care package.

Entec Systems Complete Care is a comprehensive approach to network service. Instead of having an IT budget that fluctuates from month to month from repairs and system failures, Entec Systems Complete Care allows for predictable IT expenses and maintenance care. It’s an easy way to ensure that your system is virus free and running smoothly while staying in budget. Our Richmond Based IT Experts are certified professionals with technologies ranging from Microsoft, Cisco, VMware to Symantec and EMC, making certain you’re only getting the very best attention. They can be called in for emergency issues, and you can also have unlimited support from our help desk. We’ll give you impartial advice on hardware and software enhancements for your network and maintain complete documentation on everything technology related.

Entec Systems Complete Care can be fully tailored to include services like these:

Proactive scheduled maintenance and service

We look for small errors and warning signs that can lead to bigger problems when we visit on a weekly basis to handle service requests and perform preventive maintenance. That can help you prevent outages, downtime and loss of productivity.

Business data protection and security plan

In addition to firewall and antivirus protection, you’ll be confident that your backup operations are effective and reliable. In the unlikely event of a system crash, we’ll restore your server’s data at no additional hourly cost.

Technical support and technical liaison

This gives smaller organizations the benefits of a full-scale IT department. You’ll have on-call support during business hours and unlimited help desk access. We’ll also prepare an electronic log with such vital information as your network map, location of assets, your PC inventory and specifications. We’ll manage your server configuration, installations and the application of patches, and maintain records of software licenses and hardware purchases. We’ll represent you in interactions with hardware and software vendors too, to make sure that proposals and pricing are accurate. And we’ll work closely with you on technology-related expenses and help you anticipate and plan for future purchases.

Service level and warranty

We’ll warrant response times and scope of work so that you’ll never receive multiple invoices for a single problem. And we guarantee the quality of our work, too. Basically, the only time you should receive an additional invoice is when you want to add something to your network.

Anti-spam services

We provide comprehensive message security that can significantly reduce the amount of spam, viruses, phishing, denial of service, directory harvest attacks and other email threats. We provide zero-hour anti-virus protection with multiple layers, including heuristic and signature-based detection. And we even offer a unique “mail bagging utility” that catches email and gives you access to it even if your email server is offline — and forwards it to the server when service is restored — so you’ll have no more lost email.

24/7 help desk

When your people are having Level 1 issues, they have someone to call. This includes workstation troubleshooting and triage, support for Windows-based desktops and their applications, solutions to network and internet connectivity issues. It also includes help with all peripherals, including printers, keyboards, monitors, mouse, barcode readers and more. Your people can simply call an 800 number. 70% of all calls will be answered within the first 30 seconds, and 80% of all issues will be resolved on the first call.

Benefits and added services

Depending upon how the rest of your service is tailored, you can also count on a guaranteed rate schedule, internet domain name management plus guaranteed email services, antivirus services and access to our industry professionals.

With Complete Care, you’ll not only eliminate many problems, you’ll also have the assurance that new ones will be taken care of quickly and affordably. It’s a great solution for businesses that don’t have IT staff, or find their staff dealing with service and maintenance instead of mission-critical tasks. Talk with your Entec experts for additional information by calling 800-716-2544 today!

Entec selected as a Microsoft Top Value Added Reseller

We recently learned that Microsoft Corporation has selected Entec as one of their top resellers in the U.S. The company’s Top VAR program is designed to recognize and reward exceptional business partners for their outstanding performance in delivering Microsoft technology to the market. Microsoft places only about four percent of the companies from their SMB reseller base in the top VAR category.

We have a long relationship with Microsoft, and we’re proud of the honor. And our close ties mean that our customers will have access to newly-developed products and better pricing. This recognition also says a lot about the level of professionalism our customers can expect from us. We think our engineers and support teams are some of the best IT people in the region, and our success simply means that you can expect constantly improving service from us and our partnership with Microsoft.

Symantec Endpoint Protection.cloud

With the number and sophistication of security threats growing every day, many small- and medium-sized businesses have a tough time staying current on evolving requirements. But it’s not a situation you can ignore.

A 2009 government study showed that between 2008 and 2009, U.S. businesses lost more than $1 trillion worth of intellectual property to cyber attacks. Yet you don’t want to tie up all of your time dealing with security issues. There’s a solution that’s easy to use, offers all the protection you need, and lets you focus on your core business.

Comprehensive security for Windows-based systems

Symantec Endpoint Protection.cloud lets you centrally manage security requirements with a web-based console and without additional hardware or software. Automatic security updates happen transparently over an internet connection, keeping systems current whether workers are in the office or on the road. It’s simple to set up, and along with advanced security, you’ll have predictable subscription fees that can reduce your expenses.

Powerful protection for your company

Since it’s a cloud-based subscriptions service, Symantec.cloud gives you a host of benefits …

  • You’ll have advanced protection from the endpoint to the gateway for email, web and instant messaging security.
  • The service leverages one of the largest security research networks in the world — the Symantec Global Intelligence Network – for rapid threat identification and response.
  • You benefit from over 18 years of experience developing award-winning technologies for antivirus and endpoint protection.
  • Tap into 24/7 support from security specialists, included in your subscription fee.
  • Our service level agreement has a money-back remedy if you don’t have 100% web console availability.

The service works perfectly – and simply

After logging on to the web-based management console, the agent is deployed to individual endpoints or silently pushes the solution to the network. After installation, you can enable preconfigured policies, including antivirus, anti-spyware, firewall and host intrusion prevention.

Your administrator can then use the management console to set custom policies and push them to all endpoints in the network. After that, the console is used for ongoing maintenance, including deploying new endpoints, viewing status, and managing remote clients.

And it benefits everyone in your organization

For business owners this is a simple, cost-effective solution for endpoint protection that needs no additional management software, hardware or dedicated IT resources. The IT director gets simplified management with quick setup and implementation with the central, web-based console, and updates are automatically pushed to endpoints. And end-users get up-to-date protection on the road or in the office, with no need to log onto VPN to update policies.

We’d be happy to tell you more. Talk with your Entec experts about Endpoint Protection.cloud by calling 800-716-2544 today!