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Mobile Device Management For Richmond Healthcare Business

Compliance and standardized security are possible with a BYOD solution for a growing business in the healthcare arena with both local and remote workers.

The Challenge

Some of the remote workers were based out of offices and others out of their home offices. As with most entrepreneurial businesses the client had a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ BYOD policy. The user base had multiple mobile platforms (blackberry, iphone, android) with a need to standardize security. A large portion of the user data fell under HIPAA security requirements. The business needed to control data dispersion and a vehicle for pushing applications to the phones.

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The Solution & Benefits of MaaS 360

Entec Systems designed a cloud based solution for the client utilizing MaaS 360. This allowed the client to standardize the security profile for all devices and get location data on the devices that contained corporate data. So if a cell phone or tablet went missing, the client could determine the time and place that the device was last connected to the internet. Additionally the device could be remotely wiped in one of these events. If the user left the company, the device could also be selectively wiped to remove just corporate data and leave the personal photos or music on the device. The security profile and ability to selectively wipe the device allowed for the client to remove corporate data if the device fell outside of the security standards. So if a user removed the ability to lock the phone when not in use, the application would remove the corporate email and data until the lock screen was re-enabled. This helped during a recent IOS bug that was found with a SSL vulnerability. All affected devices had the corporate data removed until the phones were updated and the vulnerability patched. This was centrally managed and did not require the users to reconfigure the devices once they were back in compliance.

The MaaS 360 solution also allowed the client to push applications to particular groups of users. This was very handy for applications that were either published through the App Store or if it was an unpublished (home-grown) app. This allowed the client to remain compliant with federal regulations while increasing user productivity through the use of mobile devices.

Next Steps

If you have a growing mobile workforce, contact Entec Systems to chat about how MaaS 360 can help your group get the most out of their mobile platforms.