What’s The Status Of Your IT Security?

The internet is great, right?! As a business it’s allowed you to reach more customers and work more efficiently. Both of which have had a positive impact on your bottom line. Along with the benefits of using technology come risks. As a business if you use or are thinking about using cloud computing, use email or have a website, cyber security should be a part of your IT plan. Is it? As an IT services company we have the honor of working with Richmond, VA based businesses across a broad range of industries ranging from non-profit and legal to healthcare and financial. These businesses operate differently from one to another, but one thing holds true… Maintaining business security is a moving target that they continually strive to stay up-to-date with and compliant.

technology and online data protection

Here is a small sampling of the many areas your business’s IT Security plan should cover:

  • PCI Compliance – If your business accepts credit card payments, it’s important you know what this is and are compliant.
  • Data Protection – Your business should have a plan in place to protect sensitive business information, computers and networks from cyber attacks.
  • Mobile Device Action Plan – Smartphones and other mobile devices can create security and management challenges. Your business should have usage guidelines and reporting procedures for lost or stolen equipment.
  • Secure Business Wi-Fi Networks – Your workplace Wi-Fi should be secure, encrypted and hidden.

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